Editor in Chief / Podcast Host

David joins JUNKTURE Magazine as its Editor in Chief. After working in a variety of media roles, David joined on to launch the magazine as an outlet to publish more creative pieces. David’s writing covers a wide variety of topics while also overseeing all content for JUNKTURE Magazine. David is also a host of the Run Amuck Podcast.


Writer / Podcast Host

Nobody on the internet consumes more content than Carson. Whether it’s a leaked single, a television pilot, or a trade rumour, he’s always the first to form an opinion. As a result, Carson will contribute to a wide variety of topics, with a specific interest in hip-hop, the NBA, and reality television. Carson is also a host on the Run Amuck Podcast.


Writer / Podcast Host

With an expertise in a number of sports, Caleb is one of the few writers who can seamlessly write features on the NFL, NBA, ATP, NCAAF, and NCAAB. Caleb’s features offer a unique but levelled perspective to the sports realm that’s become a rarity in the industry. Caleb is also a host on the Run Amuck Podcast.



As a lifelong hockey fan and an experienced writer, Claire comes to JUNKTURE Magazine offering expert NHL analysis accessible to the common fan. While Claire’s knowledge of the game and the sports industry at large give her work consistent credibility, the humour she injects to each of her pieces make her features a can’t-miss read.



Charlie is a rising star in the sports writing realm with countless by-lines under his belt. You can find his previous work in The Globe and Mail or in the Western Gazette, where he currently acts as the Senior Sports Editor. Charlie is JUNKTURE Magazine’s foremost MLB expert and has covered every major sport in some capacity.



A musician and producer in his own right, Jermaine offers a unique perspective into the world of music. With a focus on both underground and mainstream artists, Jermaine joins JUNKTURE Magazine as our premier authority on all aspects of the music industry. His work will span from album reviews, artist features, and analysis of the industry itself.



As a current feature writer at another media company, Arnold will be contributing to JUNKTURE Magazine under this pseudonym. Arnold’s professional experience revolves around sports gambling, but he’ll mainly be focusing his talents on writing features on the world of pop culture.

Van den


As one of the best young audio engineers and editors in the podcasting industry, Gary comes to the Run Amuck Podcast as the producer of the show. Gary’s expertise involves a number of behind-the-scenes duties including video and audio editing, graphic design, and keeping the hosts on topic.